Nearly all exhibited armoured vehicles are runners

In the Army motor vehicle pool, there used to be at least one serviceable example of every tank ever introduced into the Army. These tanks – supplemented with other exhibits – were to be brought out of their “hiding places” and made accessible to the cadres of the tank force, but also to the public.

The idea for a “real” tank museum had existed for a long time. With the creation of the tank training unit in 2002, Brigadier Fred Heer saw an opportunity to realize the repeatedly postponed project after all. He succeeded in obtaining the right to use the old riding hall of the Haupt Kaserne in Thun. With the support of many sponsors, the project took shape. On May 19, 2005 the exhibition was opened under the title “Collection of historic tanks of the army”.

The exhibition shows all the armored vehicles procured by the Swiss Army, from the Renault FT of 1921 to the Leopard 2, which is still in service today. All but one of the tanks are runners, and special events showcase the more than 100 years of tank development. Another showpiece is the collection of tankers uniforms and weapons of the tank troops.