Regulations, charts, photos

The collection of the HAM Foundation includes various specialised documents: regulations, spare parts catalogs, etats (list of object and their prices), archival documents, technical manuals, technical drawings, military maps, propaganda posters, etc. The collection of regulations, with over 15,000 examples, is the most extensive part.

The various documents cover the period from about 1800 to the present and are generally in analog, bound form. In recent times, however, regulations in particular are not prontes anymore but are issued digitally, which represents a new challenge for the future.

Most of the documents of the HAM Foundation are used for the identification of objects and their documentation. They are the basis for the cataloguing of the inventory of the objects which consist of mainly Swiss army material. The (mainly foreign) propaganda posters used to be part of a special collection, now integrally included in our collection.

The majority of the documents are originals and are currently being refurbished if necessary. In addition to cataloguing the inventory of the documents, the asessement of the condition, cleaning, stabilization and adequate storage, we save the documents digitally in our database.