We are pleased to once again be able to guide interested groups of visitors through our Schaulager in Thun and Burgdorf. These guided tours are carried out according to a protection concept which was developed and implemented on the basis of the recommendations of the Association of Museums in Switzerland VMS. In addition to adhering to the central hygiene measures, it is important for you to know that a group of visitors may not comprise more than 15 people. This includes children and guides.

For a visit Registration

Please remember to make your request at least two weeks in advance.

Our collections can be visited by groups as part of guided tours.

Please note the following for guided tours:

  • Guided tours for groups with a minimum size of 6 persons only
  • Individuals can join registered groups
  • Duration of guided tours approx. 2 – 3 hours
  • Requests must arrive at least two weeks in advance
  • The Thun site is not entirely accessible


Location Burgdorf
In Burgdorf we show you vehicles of the following categories:

  • Tanks / Tyre vehicles / Construction machinery / Fourgons and carts


Location Thun


After moving into the definite rooms, the Schaulager is created. Until we have reached the desired state, we ask for your patience. The following areas can still be visited:

  • Uniforms / Beschirrungen / Lamps and lanterns / Optical equipment / Tanks / Weapons
  • Guns of artillery, anti-tank and anti-aircraft vehicles


Outdoor armoured collection Thun


The outdoor armour collection in the barracks area can in principle be visited freely, access is via the guard at the Dufour barracks.


Opening hours: Monday – Friday, 0800 – 1800 o’clock.
On weekends and holidays, as well as on days without occupancy of troops on the weapon place no entrance is possible.
In case of doubt, the guard will give you information under the number +4158 468 34 60.







The following video will give you a first insight into the foundation: