Exposition spéciale de la fondation HAM dans le cadre des célébrations des 200 ans de la Waffenplatz Thun</strong >


The “elegant restaurant” in Thun – 200 years of weapon place
August 1819 to August 2019 – a journey through time with the HAM Foundation


Why did the Tagsatzung in August 1818 decide to select the city and region of Thun as a “trendy place” for the federal central school? What consequences did the practice camp held in Thun in 1842 have for further urban development? These are two of the questions answered by the Swiss Army Historical Material Foundation’s exhibition in Military Barracks II. Divided into eight periods, we also present the development of the Swiss Army and its equipment from 1819 to the present day. In doing so, we put a special focus on the equipment of those troops that were of particular importance for the Thun military training ground.