The Board of Trustees consists of five to nine members. If possible, a representative of the Friends of the Swiss Army Museum (VSAM), a representative of a local community (Thun, Steffisburg or Burgdorf) and a representative of the National Museum (representing the Federal Office of Culture) are represented. The term of office is 4 years with a re-election is possible. The Board of Trustees constitutes itself. The Board of Trustees exercises top management, supervision and control over the Foundation’s management. Board of Trustees (as of 26.11.2015):

Dr. Hannes Wettstein Präsident Stiftungsrat ehemaliger Direktor Armasuisse
Vizepräsident Stiftungsrat


Ursula Haller ehem. Nationalrätin, ehem. Gemeinderat Thun, Vertretung Standortgemeinde
Hansueli Haldimann ehem. Waffenplatz Kommandant Thun
Peter Wittwer ehem. Stellvertretender Direktor armasuisse
Jürg Burlet Kurator, Vertretung Landesmuseum
Thomas Schmid Historiker / Archivar Burgerbibliothek Bern