As early as the 19th century, the Swiss Confederation began collecting historical army material, albeit at a more selective and less systematic level. There were various projects (International War and Peace Museum in Lucerne, War Museum in Castle Schadau in Thun, museum projects in Murten, Bern and Thun), but a federal or Swiss Army Museum could not be realized.

In 1978, the Association Swiss Army Museum (VSAM) was founded. On the one hand, the club collected army material and on the other hand, he worked intensively on the planning of an army museum. In 2000, these plans were rendered obsolete by a Parliament decision.

With the appointment of a delegate VBS for the historical material of the army, the project gained new momentum in April 2007. On July 23, 2008 the foundation HAM was founded by the VSAM in Thun. As a result, a project that was repeatedly initiated in the history of the Swiss federal state – from various angles – could now be led into clearly defined paths.