The team in Burgdorf is headed by Christian Sigrist. A total of six employees work at the AMP Burgdorf site. The ideally equipped workshop serves the constant preservation and restoration of the caterpillars and wheeled vehicles. Markus Habegger is the head of the Materialtriagecenter (MTZ) in Sumiswald . The MTZ serves – as the name suggests – the triage of the extensive material stocks. During the process of decommissioning the material reaches Sumiswald. The material that remains in the foundations (foundations HAM, HAMFU and MHMLW) is handed over to the foundations there, the remaining material is handed over to the public by qualified auction collectors (under the direction of ZSHAM) to qualified collectors and museums.


Christian Sigrist Bereichsleiter Burgdorf Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung Konservierung-Restaurierung Fachbereich Radfahrzeuge
Yves Blanc Konservierung-Restaurierung Fachbereich Geschütze
Michiel Brunott Dipl. Restaurator, Konservator Fachbereich Fahrzeuge
Rolf Hediger Konservierung-Restaurierung Fachbereich Raupenfahrzeuge
Markus Jost Konservierung-Restaurierung Fachbereich Fahrzeuge /Logistiker

Materialtriagezentrum Sumiswald (MTZ)

Markus Habegger Leiter