Future Day 2022: Leonie Jost at the HAM Foundation

NewsMore informationFuture Day 2022: Leonie Jost at the HAM Foundation On the national Future Day 2022, 10-year-old Leonie, the daughter of our employee Markus Jost, gained an insight into the interesting everyday working life at the HAM Foundation in Burgdorf. Work...

Unique in the HAM Foundation

NewsMore informationUnique in the HAM Foundation Parabellum pistol with weapon number 19 from the Swiss trials of 1899.

Virtual tour: uniforms and personal clothing Swiss Army

NewsMore informationVirtual tour: uniforms and personal clothing Swiss Army With the help of 41 figures, the tour gives visitors a selective insight into the major milestones of the uniforms worn by members of the Swiss Armed Forces from 1852 to the present day. Other...

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Special exhibition of the HAM Foundation as part of the celebrations of 200 years of the Thun Weapons Range

The “convenient location” at Thun – 200 years of the Military Training Aerea

August 1819 to August 2019 – a journey through time with the HAM Foundation

Why did the Tagsatzung decide in August 1818 to select the city and region of Thun as a “suitable location” for the federal central school? What consequences did the training camp held in Thun in 1842 have for further urban development? These are two of the questions answered by the exhibition of the Swiss Army Historical Material Foundation in Military Barracks II. Divided into eight periods, we also present the visitor with the development of the Swiss Army and its equipment from 1819 to the present day. We put a special focus on the equipment of those troops that were of particular importance for the Thun military training center.

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