Our collections can be visited by groups as part of guided tours.

For the guides, note the following:
  • Guided tours only for groups of a minimum of 6 people
  • Individuals can join signed-in groups
  • Duration of the guided tours approx. 2 – 3 hours
  • Requests must arrive at least two weeks in advance
  • The location Thun is not completely barrier-free accessible

Burgdorf location
In Burgdorf we show you vehicles of the following categories:

  • Tanks / Pneufahrzeuge / Construction / Fourgons and Wagons
Location Thun

Now that the definitive space has been occupied, the showroom will be created. Until we reach the desired state, we ask you for patience. Nevertheless, the following areas can already be visited:

  • Uniforms / Scarifications / Lamps and Lanterns / Optical Devices / Tanks / Weapons
  • artillery, anti-tank guns and antiaircraft guns
Outdoor Tank Collection Thun
The outdoor tank collection in the barracks area can basically be visited freely, access is via the guard at the Dufourkaserne.

Opening hours: Monday – Friday, 0800 – 1800 clock.
On weekends and public holidays, as well as on days without occupancy on the Waffenplatz no access is possible.
In case of doubt, the guard will give you information at +41 58 468 34 60.

For visit requests please use the contact form  
Please remember to submit the request at least two weeks in advance.

The following video gives you a first insight into the foundation: