Unique in the HAM Foundation

NewsMore informationUnique in the HAM Foundation Parabellum pistol with weapon number 19 from the Swiss trials of 1899.

Virtual tour: uniforms and personal clothing Swiss Army

NewsMore informationVirtual tour: uniforms and personal clothing Swiss Army With the help of 41 figures, the tour gives visitors a selective insight into the major milestones of the uniforms worn by members of the Swiss Armed Forces from 1852 to the present day. Other...

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A day at the HAM Foundation – National Future Day 2023

Three young people were given an insight into everyday working life on Thursday, November 9. In both Burgdorf and Thun, Solenne, Leon and Leonie discovered the different challenges in the various specialist areas. New, unfamiliar professions and exciting discussions with professionals give young people an insight into as yet unknown fields of work.