It is not only the long history that led to this variety of guns, but also the different types of guns. Thus, the field-, position-, mountain- and fortress artillery had special guns adapted to their respective purposes. This section of our collection – from muzzle-loaders to modern guns – is largely complete and shows very well the technical progress that has been achieved over the past two centuries. Of particular interest is the extensive range of accessories for the various guns.
Anti-tank defense made its way into the Swiss Army during the interwar period, albeit on a moderate scale. Major advances in technology and the proliferation of anti-tank weapons was not made until after World War II. In this part of the collection, the range between the simple tank gun to the last deployed anti-tank guns is fully covered.
In the area of anti-aircraft defense, we show all the the light anti-aircraft guns, which were used by the dedicated anti-aircraft troops and the infantry.