Foundation Council

The Foundation Council exercises the ultimate management, supervision and control over the management of the Foundation.

The Foundation Board currently consists of eight members, with one representative each from the Association for the Promotion of the Swiss Army Museum (VSAM), a local municipality (Thun, Steffisburg or Burgdorf) and the National Museum. The term of office is 4 years, re-election is possible.

Urs Gerber
President Foundation Council
Historian, Chief Swiss NNSC Deleg. 2012-2017
Hansueli Haldimann
Vice President Foundation Council
Former commandant military training aerea Thun
Daniel Willi
Representative of the Steffisburg site municipality
Adrian Muther
Representative of the Swiss Army Museum Association
Thomas Schmid
Historian / Archivist
Simon Schweizer
Historian Managing
Director Schweizer Kultur-produktion GmbH
Maƫl Roumois
Historian Switzerland. National Museum
Tobias Herren